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North Korea isn’t usually associated with big tourist campaigns, attractions or luxury accommodation but the country seems to be turning around. Only a couple weeks ago the country opened the world’s newest luxury ski resort. Masik Pass Ski Resort is now open for business!

Introducing Masik Pass Ski Resort

The resort slopes are snow-clad and ready to be cut into by the first skiers of the season. What can you expect from a ski resort in North Korea, a country that struggles to feed its population? A surprising amount of luxury, built in an astonishingly short time. Here’s a little taste from the “ribbon cutting” ceremony last month.

Why does North Korea need a luxury ski resort you may ask? It’s the brainchild of political leader Kim Jong Un and was built in a mere 10 months. The resort has 9 ski runs, the longest of which is over 5km long. Skiers are shuttled up the mountain by Chinese-made lifts and while 5,000 visitors a day are expected, there only seems to be a few hundred coming to ski the powdery slopes a day. After a long day on the slopes, there’s only one place to rest your head down at night, in the luxurious Masikrong Hotel.



It’s only a matter of time though before the tour operators launch their first ski holidays to North Korea, bringing in the crowds. Would you give it a go?

Imgs: northkoreatravel / Flickr.

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