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Britons hoping to visit Borat’s homeland are in luck as Kazakhstan’s president is making it even easier for British and other foreign tourists to visit by providing visa-free visits for one year! Yipee!

The announcement from Kazakhstan’s president, Nursultan Nazarbayev, is a welcome one from intrepid travellers with Kazakhstan on their radars this year and flights to Kazakhstan on their wish lists. Visitors from Britain will be able to enter, exit and transit through the Central Asian republic without a visa for up to 15 calendar days at any time between July 15th 2014 and July 15th 2015.

The city of Atsana

Previously, British travellers needed to comply with pretty lengthy visa application requirements, including a £35 fee for single-entry tourist visas, hotel booking confirmations and a letter addressed to the consular section of the Embassy of Kazakhstan. British visitors aren’t the only ones being welcomed to the country with visa-free access, the USA, Germany, France, Italy, the UAE, Malaysia, the Netherlands, the Republic of Korea and Japan have also been given the same privilege.

Wild horses in Kazakhstan’s Altai Mountains

The move comes in anticipation of EXPO 2017, which will be held in the country’s glitzy capital, Atsana, and will focus on the future of energy around the world. Kazakhstan has 1 million square miles of forests, mountains, cities and ski resorts to explore but knowing where to start is the hardest part!

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Imgs: 韵升(Yunsheng) 白(Bai), kasya, Ben Dalton / Flickr cc.

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