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When March 17th rolls around, Dublin is going to be packed. The iconic beer-drinking, green-wearing holiday attractions hundreds of thousands to the Irish capital. There are certainly more places to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day though if you’re not one for crowds and pricy pints!


Trafalgar Square

St. Patrick’s Day is huge in London, any excuse to dress like a leprechaun and drink, right? Saturday is pub day. Hit up one of London’s great Irish pubs and don’t be caught with a pint of Pride! Today is all about celebrate the great Irish ales (whiskies too) from the glorious Emerald Isles. While St. Patrick’s Day is on Saturday, a lot of the city events take place on Sunday. Sunday kicks off with a parade through Trafalgar Square. That’s where the real party will be from noon until 8pm with traditional Irish bands, food, drink and you can bet a lot of merrymaking.

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Buenos Aires


Argentinians know how to party and when St. Patrick’s Day rolls around, they throw all-night parties in the streets, mostly in and around Reconquista Street in Buenos Aires. This area of the city centre is also home to a half dozen Irish pubs. Come clad in all the green clothing you own and celebrate till dawn with the city’s expat community. Buenos Aires is home to the fifth largest Irish community outside of Ireland.

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The Norwegian Irish Society throws a huge party in Oslo each and every year. This year the parade starts off the celebrations at 1pm, starting at Jerbanetorget and ending at Universitetsplassen, where the party starts. Traditional Irish singers and Irish dancers are set to perform as well. Why celebrate St. Patrick’s Day is Norway? The idea of pub drinking really caught on there, and imitation Irish pubs are all the rage! Pull up a stool and ask the barman for a Guinness.

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Irish dog

Montreal is home to the longest-running St. Patrick’s Day parade in Canada. The parade has been held annually since 1824! This year the city celebrates its 188th parade on the 18th of March. Throughout the weekend enjoy traditional Irish breakfasts and coffee at Irish pubs and plenty of live music in the streets.

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Puerto del Carmen is on fire when St. Patrick’s Day rolls around. Think dancing girls, a lot of beer and the beach! With quite a large Irish population on the island, it’s no wonder there are great parties here every March 17th! If you’re planning a holiday to the Canary Islands, make sure you don’t miss out on likely the only beach-side St. Patrick’s Day parade!

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Where will you be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this year?

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  1. I’m all eager to spend St. Paddy’s Day in Dublin, sadly I haven’t had the opportunity yet… I think I’ll visit an Irish pub here in Budapest, just in case.

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