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After being closed one year for renovations, New York’s Statue of Liberty was open just a few days before being closed again due to Hurricane Sandy. Park officials say it’ll be closed until further notice.

The Statue of Liberty hasn’t had a good year so far. The iconic New York monument was closed in October 2011 for a year of renovations, particularly to the public viewing area in the statue’s crown area. The statue finally opened up to the public again on Sunday, October 28th, only to be closed the very next day once the superstorm swept through the area.

Statue of Liberty to close for one year

Liberty Island, where the Statue of Liberty stands, was severely damaged by Hurricane Sandy. Currently part of the island are still flooded and crowded with debris which will need to be taken away once the island is deemed safe for clean-up work. Even now there is no access to electrical power on the island either. Water damage is the main concern but the island docks, where tourists first arrive to visit the Statue are in pretty bad shape as well.

The statue itself, however, is completely fine.

For now, Park officials are waiting for power to be regained and an island assessment to be made so they can inform the public when the island might re-open but for now Lady Liberty and Liberty Island are closed for the foreseeable future. If you were planning a holiday in New York and were hoping to climb up Lady Liberty for the views, you’re out of luck, at least for now.

Imgs: allie_caulfield / Flickr cc.

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