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After a smashing campaign by the National Trust to raise £1.2 million, a section of the White Cliffs of Dover will be preserved after they buy it, adding yet another impressive sight to the National Trust’s list.

National Trust raises £1.2 million to buy cliffs

After receiving financial support from the likes of Dame Judi Dench and Joss Stone, the National Trust has raised enough money to buy an additional 0.8 mile stretch of property along the coast where the White Cliffs are located. There is already a visitor’s centre above Dover Port but this new purchase will open up the entire length of the coast, about 5 miles, to visitors all the way from the port to the South Foreland Lighthouse.

The White Cliffs of Dover have become a symbol for Britain. It’s one of the most popular day trips among travellers with rental cars in London. This is good news not only for the cliffs but also the wildlife and fauna living and growing in the area. Kent’s only kittiwakes live there alongside Adonis blue butterflies and peregrine falcons. In the sea you’ll find some unusual plants as well, like the sea carrot and the oxtongue broomrape.

Alison Burnett, a volunteer as the White Cliffs of Dover, says,

‘This chalky stretch of coastline symbolises so much for so many people and it’s a wonderful to think that we’ve managed to raise the money so that future generations can enjoy all that this unique place has to offer’.

Why does the coast need protecting?

Nothing lasts forever right? Seems the Cliffs of Dover are no exception. The chalky white cliffs are receding at a rate of 1cm per year but on occasion large chunks of rock break off and fall into the sea. With this new addition of coastline, the National Trusts now looks after 720+ miles of coastline in England, Northern Ireland and Wales.

Have you seen the cliffs? What time of the year did you visit?

Imgs: andrew_annemarie / Flickr cc.

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