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This year’s long list of candidates for the Dolman Best Travel Book Award have just been announced, sparking our interest in which authors and travelogues have won in years past. There’s no shortage of interesting reads here!

The Dolman Best Travel Book Award is the most important travel writing award in Britain which celebrates excellence in travel writing and is open to all writers who have been first published in Britain. With a judging panel that includes big-shots like Lonely Planet founder Tony Wheeler, Conde Nast Traveller editor Sarah Spankie and Daily Mail’s book editor Susie Dowdall, you can bet there are some good contenders on the short-lists.

The Dolman Award is given to

“works of literary merit that show excellence in the tradition of great travel writing, combining a personal journey with the discovery or recovery of places, landscapes or peoples to instil a sense of place, excitement and wonder in the reader.”

Only one book can win, so we’ve rounded up the winners until 2006, when the award was first created. If you need some reading inspiration for the summer, look no further!

Book covers

Top row:

  • Rachel PolonskyMolotov’s Magic Lanters: A Journey in Russian History
  • Ian ThomsonThe Dead Yard
  • Alice AlbiniaEmpires of the Indus

Bottom row:

  • Nicholas JubberThe Prester Quest
  • John Lucas – 92 Acharnon Street
  • Claire Scobie – Last Seen in Lhasa

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What are your favourite books that have inspired trips of your own?

Imgs: longhorddave / Flickr cc.

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