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Eating out is probably a tourist’s favourite thing to do on holiday. We pride ourselves on trying all the local cuisine and happily delve in fork (or hands) first.

When you’re dining the local cuisines is a great insight into the country’s customs, and through their food you’re able to taste the history and see their culture at play in the restaurant. However, table manners and etiquette differ from country to country so it’s always best to do a little research in order to best fit in with the locals.

Here are some dining tips from around the world:


It’s considered snobbish behaviour if you eat your food with a knife and fork so grab that taco with both hands and jump in. So if you’ve booked flights to Mexico, make sure you bring pocket size antibacterial wash for a pre-meal wash. taco


Unless extra cheese is offered to you, don’t ask for anymore. It’s offensive to put extra cheese on a pizza and even worse to put it on seafood.

Also, it is expected that you start eating your pastas as soon as it arrives. You’re supposed to eat it right away even if your whole party haven’t received their dishes – this only implies to pasta though.spag


Folks are used to push the food onto the spoon, so you shouldn’t use a folk to transfer food into your mouth. Chopsticks are not used either – they are considered tacky.thai-food


It’s a sin to eat anything with your hands – even fries!stea


Your chopsticks should never be placed upright in your bowl of food, instead they should be placed together, infront of you, parallel to the table. It is offensive to tip your waiters as this implies they are begging for money.japanese-food


When toasting, (named supra) down the whole glass of wine, and don’t sip. Don’t worry. The glasses tend to be small.cheers

IMG: Rich Knowles, Luca Newbuloni, Pedrom Klien, Mike Saechang, jypseygen, Daniel Y go, Al404 / Flickr cc.

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