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Surfing is a highlight once summer arrives. Whether you rent a board in Cornwall or go a bit further to Bondi Beach in Sydney, there are some things every surfer should take on holiday. Planning to hit the waves and breaks this summer? Here’s your packing guide.

Summer is almost here and if you’re planning a surf holiday in Fiji, Portugal, even Canada then you’re going to need to pack your luggage a little bit differently than you might if the beach was your only target. What you pack for a surf holiday really depends on where you go, what kind of equipment you plan to rent and how much you want to invest into the sport.

Surf: monster waves in Portugal


Planning your surf trip: what to pack

  • surfboard (no brainer if you don’t plan to rent one at your destination)
  • surf wax (plus extra in case your mates have forgotten theirs)
  • travel guide for the local area… you can’t surf all day so make sure you see some sights too!
  • local currency
  • travel insurance that covers surf injuries, this one is too often overlooked
  • ding repair kit (don’t let a ding on the first day ruin your trip!)
  • spare fins and board leash –these are inexpensive parts but hard to find if you’re in a remote surf location
  • wetsuit (if you don’t plan to hire one)
  • swimsuit to wear under your wetsuit (you may even want to pack 2-3 of them)
  • sunblock, lots of it!
  • a funky beach towel
  • your iPod loaded up with the chilled tunes for the beach and travelling
  • a good book never goes to waste while on holidays
  • waterproof earplugs if you have sensitive ears
  • small first-aid kit that includes rash cream to rub onto your surf rash and sun burns at the end of the day

Never been surfing but want to try it out? Sign yourself up for surf camp in your destination of choice. You can learn to surf around the world and the great thing is about novice classes is that mostly all the kit and gear is provided so you’ll only need to worry about the sunblock, beach towel and some swimsuits for the week.

Fiji: surfers, meet your nirvana

Have you been surfing before? Where did you go?

Imgs: mayrpamintuan, John Lemiux / Flickr cc.

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