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In today’s economic climate the pressure is on for finding the best value for your money. So it’s no surprise that more and more British families are opting for holiday destinations that parents enjoyed as a child. No matter the destination, how to make your family summer trip a success? We’ve got the recipe.

Holidays for the entire family

Think back to when you were a child… what do you remember most from your holidays? Was it building the most gigantic sand castle on the beach? Eating ice cream on the pier? Collecting pretty shells to bring back home? The truth about family holidays is that for kids, it doesn’t really matter too much where they go as much as it matters for adults.

It’s the experiences that make an imprint in our minds, not the fact that these experiences were had on the banks of the Nile or on a golden beach in Thailand. While a holiday in Thailand is a dream come true for most of us, a beach is a beach for most kids. It’s just that Britain’s beaches are closer than Thailand’s and let’s face it: 15 hour flights for kids are a real drag.

How to fly long-haul with kids in tow

This summer’s trend seems to be a return to nostalgic holiday destinations, mostly around Britain, due to the economy but travelling close to home doesn’t need to be boring. In fact, it isn’t! Let the Jones’ enjoy their holiday to the other side of the world but just remember, you can snatch up two extra days on the beaches of Cornwall because you don’t need to set extra time apart for jet-lag and long-haul travel.


The recipe for a great summer holiday with the kids?

It’s all about what you do once you leave your house and the holiday begins. This includes the car ride if you’re travelling close to home! These experiences are sure to bring back fond memories of trips from when you were a kid. Find a nice beach (preferably a tried and tested one) and let the summer holiday planning begin!


  • Eat ice cream (daily).
  • Build sandcastles, or even Mary Berry “sand cakes” if you’re so inclined.
  • Collect shells, pretty stones and drift wood to bring home with you.
  • Buy souvenirs, the kitsch ones like rubbers, pens, magnets and key rings.
  • Send a postcard (grandma and grandpa will love receiving it!).
  • See how many waves you can jump in a row.
  • Spend all your pennies at the arcade even if you don’t win a prize.
  • Play beach games (it’s worth packing inflatable balls and toys from home).

What were your favourite things to do while on holidays as a kid? Chances are, your kids will love to do them too and the chances are even bigger that you’ll be able to do them close to home.

Img: podknox, david boyle, kazz.0 / Flickr cc.

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