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When we’re booking cheap flights to Beijing, we’re often way too excited to think much about the climate we’ll be flying to.

However, for those of you who prefer to travel in certain temperatures, some advice has been offered from a businessman who recently returned from a tour of China.

James Chong, the manager of the Martin Currie China fund, wrote in his entry of the Fund Manager’s Diary for that after arriving on his cheap flight to Beijing, he headed straight out into the city.

Autumn is the best time to visit Beijing – avoiding the humidity of the summer, the winter snows and the dust storms of the spring,” the expert noted, adding that the “excellent food” he finds in the metropolis is another bonus.

Elsewhere, Daniel Garst of China Daily recently echoed Mr Chong’s thoughts, declaring the city to be “comfortably cool” and “bathed in a soft and almost magical light” during this time.

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