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Could this be true? One online ticket retailer,, seems to think so after scouting YouTube to find every wedding proposal video upload since 2005.

Apparently Casablanca doesn’t have the effect that it used to and modern couples are turning to Mickey Mouse and the magic of Disney to pop the big question. After sorting through around 200,000 YouTube proposals, found an astonishing 59,700 where made at Disney World in Florida.

You wouldn’t even believe that Paris’ most famous landmark didn’t even make it in to the top 5 proposal spots! The Eiffel Tower is 7th on the list, behind a handful of New York City locations and even Disneyland Paris. We admit, the YouTube upload method isn’t exactly a scientific way of finding the most romantic places to propose but it certainly does raise some interesting questions about who’s sharing their romantic moments for all of the internet to see! Fancy a pair of flights to Orlando, don’t forget the ring! 😉

Top 10 proposal sites (according to YouTube uploads)

  1. Disney World (Florida)
  2. Times Square (New York)
  3. Central Park (New York)
  4. Top of the Rock (New York)
  5. Disneyland Paris (Paris)
  6. Universal Studios (Florida)
  7. Eiffel Tower (Paris)
  8. Grand Canyon (Arizona)
  9. London Eye (London)
  10. Empire State Building (New York)
Img: alc_chris / Flickr cc.

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