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After Prague in 18 gigapixels, Paris in 26 gigapixels and Dubai in 45 gigapixels, the record for the biggest photograph goes to Budapest with 70 gigapixels making this photograph of the Hungarian capital the largest ever taken in history.

In order to view the enormous photograph you much install Silverlight. Then you can click on the photograph to zoom in and out of different parts of the city. The thumbnails at the bottom help you find some of the city’s most popular attractions like the Basilica in the city centre.

It took 3 hours to take the photograph and much more to render it. The challenge was undertaken by Epson, Sony and Microsoft.

It’s a safe bet that the record will be broken again soon, but in the meantime the photograph is keeping this Central European capital in the spotlight.

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See Budapest in 70 billion pixels!

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