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That’s right. If you’re about to take off on a sun-filled holiday somewhere in the Mediterranean, Caribbean or elsewhere and you feel self-conscious about your fair complexion you shouldn’t worry. Gatwick’s got you covered… in fake tanning solution.

From July 28th until August 1st, passengers on flights from London can enjoy a complimentary and professional fake tan at both North and South terminals at Gatwick Airport while waiting for their flights.

Gatwick Airport recently conducted a survey which actually showed that men are more concerned about looking too pale on the beach than women, surprising results!More than half of the travellers that were surveyed said they would feel more confident if they were a little more brown when they first arrived at the beach.

Thus Gatwick Glow was born, a marketing initiative between Gatwick Airport and St. Tropez tanning firm that  gives passengers a spray tan before boarding their plane.

The tans are meant to give travellers a boost of confidence and a head start on their tan before actually arriving at their summer holiday destination. Many Britons should actually watch out though, because of their fair complexion, while spending time in the sun. Take care not to burn!

How to stay safe in the sun and still get a tan:

  • limit your exposure; instead of spending 3 hours in the direct sun, spend 30 minutes at a time getting browned gradually instead of burned
  • wear sunscreen with an appropriate level of UV protection; apply 30 minutes before going out in the sun and re-apply frequently
  • avoid tanning between 11:00-15:00 since this is when the sun is most powerful
  • stay hydrated; dry skin is more likely to burn than well hydrated skin

Would you go for a fake tan at the airport?


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2 responses to “Free tans for pasty travellers at Gatwick Airport

  1. Men are vainer?? But anyway now there’s no worrying about lilywhite skin. Lets see if there are more men who are to avail for this.

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