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EasyJet have created a fairly unique charity single with the aim of helping listeners to get to sleep: made up completely of aircraft engine noise, ‘Jet Sounds’ was released last Friday.

Airplanes aren’t known for being the most sleep-inducing places, however easyJet have recreated the sound of being on board in a charity album which could – according to the airline – help listeners to catch some shut eye. Recorded on a flight from London to Nice, the album – entitled ‘Jet Sounds – features the apparently relaxing sounds of two CFM56 engines.

While the idea may seem a little strange, there is science behind the move. A number of sleep experts have spoken of the calm ambiance and sleep aiding qualities of the white noise of airplane engines, with Dr Sandra L Wheatley – who assisted in the production of the project – saying that “The soft, repetitive, ambient drone of white noise can drown out sounds, gently settle the brain and aid the on-set of sleep…The low throb of a powerful jet engine is ideal for this. easyJet have captured the perfect tones for the release.”

Proceeds from sales will go to The Children’s Sleep Charity; Jet Sounds by easyJet is available to purchase both as a single and a full album, from iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.

What do you think about the concept?

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