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At 1.1 million square feet large, this manmade cave in China has been titled the world’s largest. It’s set in an underground nuclear base – and it’s now open to the public! 

The size of twenty football fields, the cave is located in the formerly derelict 816 Nuclear Military Plant. Having undergone a series of renovations, the site – which now comprises over 12 miles of caves – is open to foreign visitors for the first time in its history.

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Renovations included the addition of sound and lighting effects, a nuclear science center and education sections allowing visitors a glimpse into the history of the site.

The base can be found in the mountains of the Fuling District, in China’s Chongqing municipality, and has been open to Chinese visitors since 2010.

Will you be visiting the world’s largest manmade cave system on your next trip to China?  

IMG: Chongqing, 林 同 / Flickr cc.

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