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The Vatican’s most popular tourist attraction, Michelangelo’s magnificent frescos in the Sistine Chapel, is being seen in a new light thanks to 7,000 new LED lights and a state-of-the-art air purification system.

The masterpiece frescos look a bit different than they used to thanks to a new lighting system which features 7,000 LED lights that will better illuminate the ceiling and walls without causing damage from heat. The new high-tech makeover in the Chapel also included a sophisticated heating and cooling system that uses cameras to determine which settings it should run on.

Art restoration experts hope these improvements will help preserve the work and prevent any more damage from the ever-growing number of visitors. Sometimes there are as many as 2,000 in the Chapel at a time, along with the dust and sweat they bring with them. The carbon dioxide we breathe out can also damage the paintings over time.

It’s all very techy for such an old place. Sensors and cameras have been mounted on the wall and count the number of people in the chapel in order to regulate the temperature and humidity levels. If the numbers continue to grow like they have been, the Vatican museum said it will need to start imposing restrictions to 6 million per year.

This spectacular work of art is just a short flight to Rome away! Have you seen it?

Img: cokedragon / Flickr cc.

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