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Is anyone surprised that the new George Lucas museum, set to be built in Chicago, looks like a space ship? We certainly aren’t! Let’s take a look inside.

Ever since we caught wind about George Lucas’ museum in Chicago, we’ve been waiting for more info. Now, we finally get the first glimpses of this future lakefront art museum, designed together with MAD Architects from Beijing and Chicago-based Studio Gang. Let’s just say the artistic renderings of the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art look like something straight out of a Star Wars film… how fitting!

The avant garde -looking building won’t open until 2018, so there’s still plenty of time to buy your flights to Chicago. It will include three levels of exhibition space with an observation deck at the very top, with views of the city and Lake Michigan.

The museum is set to include images that are used for telling stories, including everything from comic books to children’s picture books, films and even digital art. Lucas has donated many of his own items to the museum’s collection, worth an estimated $600 million including plenty of Star Wars props and some original Norman Rockwell paintings.

Img: Humans Development / Flickr cc.

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