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With the success of New York City’s High Line, an elevated park built on an old railroad track, developers are looking for new ideas. Their latest project will bring an urban sanitary of flowers, trees and grass to Manhattan’s underground: the Lowline, world’s first underground park.

The project would take over a 116 year-old trolley terminal that has been abandoned for years below the Lower East Side. It’s been used as storage since 1948. With the help of street-level solar collectors, sun would be filtered down 20 feet to bedrock, turning what is currently a dank, underground space into a plant-filled oasis for city residents and visitors.

The space would also host art exhibitions, readings, children’s activities and musical performances. The Lowline will be part of a revitalisation project of the Lower East Side, a neighbourhood that is known for its history of immigration from Italy, Germany and Ireland.

The space is expected to cost $60 million, coming mostly from private funds, and will be an incredible space in a neighbourhood that is really lacking in public spaces. Another place to add to your must-see list the next time you book cheap flights to New York!

Img: bitboy / Fickr cc.

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