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What starts out as a classic Parisian spy film turns into an escapade taking viewers from Paris cafés across Europe by train to romantic Venice in boat chases, shoot outs and espionage mystery. Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp star in The Tourist, now it’s your turn.

The film may not have received the rave reviews it was hoping for, but The Tourist nonetheless gives viewers the travel eye-candy they always love.

Quiet Parisian streets and a typical café where Elise (played by Jolie) sits for her coffee and pressed orange juice before receiving a letter from the mysterious Alexander. She’s sitting on a café patio in the Place Colette near the Palais Royale and the Musée du Louvre.

Palais Royale

Order your café au lait before making your way to Gare de Lyon train station to board the 8:22 to Venice. We’re sure the cast and crew didn’t really take the train to Italy, so grab a flight to Venice like they did.

The filming for the rest of the movie is shared between Venice and Treviso, a smaller city just 45 minutes away by drive. Soon after Elise and the American traveller she met on the train arrive in Venice, they head straight to a hotel more luxurious than a palace, which of course, is real. The Venice Hotel Danieli is located at Riva degli Schiavoni 4196 and offers suites upwards of €2470.00 a night.

The aerial shots of the canals and the lagoon are spectacular, does Venice every have a bad photo-day? Other shots were filmed along the Guidecca Canal, boarding an historically rich island which at one time houses large palaces with courtyards and gardens but converted into a more industrial area at the turn of the twentieth century.

Frank (played by Depp) makes his grand leap (at least his stunt dummy does) from a balcony overlooking the Mercato Rialto before pushing a police officer into the water.

As much as the film may have fallen short of brilliant, it no doubt inspires a trip to Italy’s most romantic city, don’t you think? Here’s the trailer.

Img: the Insider / Paris: atelier_flir, Flickr. cc.

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