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Are thalasso therapies and bath houses old fashioned? No way. For the last thirty years, more and more people are looking forward to spending a week off to recover, relax or get back into shape. Here are four destinations that you’ll return from renewed, refreshed and redefined.

Essaouira – take a deep breathe


Everything about the name of this place eludes to soft and simple pleasures. Located on the beautiful Atlantic coast of Morocco, it has the benefit of the fresh ocean air. The climate and landscape make it a perfect destination for relaxation. A must: the Sofitel Mogador. Its room have sea views and its thalasso therapy centre is inspired by Eastern traditions, focusing on sea water treatments. Approximately £700 for one week.

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Tenerife – right under the sun


Take advantage of the volcanic landscape on this island! Your biggest stresses will melt away as soon as you step into the Cleopatra Hotel, a 5 star hotel built with Greco-Roman traditions in mind. The best part: their huge outdoor heated pool and service quality. Relaxing massages, reflexology, face masques made of volcanic rock… You will leave this place completely renewed and you will have learnt a lot about your body too. Ideal for people trying to quit smoking.

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Budapest – for the budget-conscious


Did you know that Budapest is full of thermal springs? For two thousand years, Budapest locals have been enjoying the mineral waters flowing underneath their city. Király, Széchenyi, Rudas and Gellert,, there’s a bath house for everyone. Summer or winter, there is no bad time to take a dip into these healing thermal waters. Don’t expect to pay more than £10 for a day-pass into one of these bath houses. What’s more, massage services are available for £20 an hour, making this luxury experience available to all budgets. From London, fly to Budapest with a low cost airline for £43, round-trip.

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Sardinia -taking care of the ladies


The 4 star Sighientu Village is located in Marina di Capitana, right beside the most turquoise blue waters you have ever seen. The thessalo spa centre is popular, especially among women, for its beauty treatments and work out programs to slim those tired legs. Some treatments are reserved specifically for new mothers who appreciate the advice on getting back into shape after childbirth. This hotel is remote, the beach is quiet and there are always lounging chairs available. This place is ideal for those looking to relax, not explore the entire island.

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Where do you go when you want to get away from it all?

Imgs: Leo-seta / NH53 / oliviacapl, Flickr cc.


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