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Many of us travelling on a budget rely on the public transportation systems in the cities we visit, not only because it’s always cheaper than renting a car, but because they’re convenient and give us a closer look at how the city runs. Some cities are known for their high speed rails like Tokyo, others for their historical metro stations like Moscow. The metro system in Dubai has been dubbed one of the safest in the world.

Colonel Abdullah Al Gaithi, the deputy director of organisational security and emergency with Dubai Police, made this observation in a statement to the press, noting that for every million passengers on the network – some of whom may have just got off the cheapest flights to Dubai – only 1.6 have encountered crime of some kind, Gulf News reports.

This, he observed, compares with Boston’s 5.8 incidents, Chicago’s 12.3, Atlanta’s 7.5 and Britain’s 13! Did you have any idea?

Colonel Al Gaithi continued, saying: “The Metro Security Department is currently coordinating with the Criminal Investigations Department to deploy officers in trains, especially during peak hours.” This not only comforts tourists and travellers but it encourages them to take advantage of the public transportation available in Dubai and as well in other parts of the United Arab Emirates.

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