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The third most popular country in the world is more tourists than ever this year. In the first quarter of 2014, Spain recorded a whopping 28 million visitors, a figure up 7.3% from the previous year.

The Ministry of Tourism reveals that it’s the Brits that are visiting Spain the most, with 6.5 million visitors from the UK alone, followed by Germans, with 4.7 million visitors a year.

What are the most popular destinations in Spain? Well, it’s no surprise that Catalonia, with Barcelona as the capital, is the most attractive region in the country. More than 7 million visitors spent their holidays in this region alone. Next come the Canary Islands in the Atlantic and then the Balearic archipelago in the Med with the always popular Palma de Majorca.

Spain’s a great budget choice if you’re looking for flights to Barcelona; you can usually find a return trip for less than £100. Tenerife and Mallorca (pictured above) flights can also be found on a budget in the shoulder seasons.

Img: Romain Di Constanzo / Flickr cc.

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