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Meet Emily Richmond. She hails from Los Angeles and she has been leading the life of a great adventurer for already quite a few years on now, on her sailboat.

The magazine “IndefinitelyWild” had the luck of running into this globe-sailing girl in Borneo and sat her down for an interview. Emily explains, like it’s no big deal, that she left California five years ago and hopped through Mexico and then El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama and then to the Galapagos Islands, Easter Island and Pitcairn Island. That’s a really crazy island in the middle of the ocean, only accessible by private boat and full of really crazy people.”

After that she headed to Samoa, New Guinea, etc. and the next leg of her trip will take her to Sri Lanka and then East Africa, where she plans to stay a couple of years. Why do it? “Romance. Everything about sailing around the world seemed logical and beautiful and smart. […] It’s a huge project, but it doesn’t cost a huge amount of money to do; you travel with the wind. Also, you can access places you couldn’t access otherwise.” May the wind always be in your favour, Emily!

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