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The “Wednesday Myth” has lured not only me but probably a lot of you out there too into searching for flights past midnight in the middle of the week. Where this travel myth started is unclear but there are more than a few reasons why it’s simply not true so if you catch yourself scouting for cheap airfares in the middle of the night, you’re just as likely to find the same prices the next morning, so get some sleep.

If you asked someone when they thought was the best time to book a flight, some might say there is no better time like the present while others might say Wednesday, after midnight. Why? Way back when, before the extensive growth of the on-line travel industry, airline companies used to release airline ticket reservations that hadn’t been paid for yet at midnight on Tuesday or Wednesday, thus supporting the myth that there were a large number of cheap flights published at that time of day mid-week.

But this myth is incredibly outdated. Airlines rarely hold reservations since payment is easy and instant by credit or debit card these days. If an airline does however hold a reservation it is usually only for 24 hours and applies to the seat but not the price, which can fluctuate and change day to day. The best and almost only way to make sure you get the seat you want at the price you want is to buy it on the spot, without a moment’s delay.

If airfares aren’t the cheapest on Wednesdays after midnight, then when are they?

The best way to know when to buy your flight is to follow the trends, sign up for a fare alert on to receive updates on when the airline ticket you want changes price. This way you can know when it’s cheapest and when is the best time to buy it. Start searching for your flights 3-6 months in advance, especially if you want to travel long-haul. Try a low cost airline instead, you may not get all the benefits of flying with a regular one but you will probably find a cheaper fare.

Even if you travel last minute, comparing as many airlines, flights, prices and deals as possible is the key. Once you find a fare that you like, don’t hesitate because the price can change at any moment.

Have you ever fallen for this travel myth? How about the one that Japan is expensive or that last minute flights are the cheapest? Tell us your travel myth woes and how you avoid them. Leave us a comment or joing the community on Facebook.

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2 responses to “Travel Myth Buster: Best time to book flights is midweek after midnight

  1. Very nice and informative article i like it so much.once i booked my flight on phone but when i reached airport then i was shocked to know that the very seat was reserved for some one else so booking on phone create such problems often.we should book flights on the spot as it is the only way to make sure that we get the seat.

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