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It’s the perfect combination. And an idea that’s becoming bigger and bigger in the travel community in the UK and abroad. Why not perfect your photography skills and practise new techniques out in the “wild?”

The digital wave has dramatically changed the way we travel. Now, more than ever, you can find travellers with fancy cameras slung around their necks, finger on the trigger, unleashing rapid fire shots as a giraffe runs across the Savannah in front of the safari jeep.

It has to be said though, that for many, too much time is spent looking through the viewfinder and hiding behind the camera instead of really experiencing the trip. They miss what’s right in front of their eyes. Worst of all, the outcome rarely lives up to the traveller’s expectations… 

It’s no wonder that photography travel is so popular! Photography trips typically include a professional and accomplished photographer as the guide and tutor for a small group of travellers interested in developing their photography skills and experiencing new places. Have you read our guide for taking better travel photos (without a fancy camera) yet?


The benefits are obvious: Travel with a purpose, off the beaten path, improve your photography skills and come back with pictures as beautiful as postcards but certainly more original and unique. Travel with eyes open, ready to capture the beauty of a place, all the while meeting other photography enthusiasts.

Travel groups: More and more tour operators are running trips specifically catered to photography enthusiasts both at home in the UK, in Europe and further afield to countries on the other side of the world. Why not learn from the best? National Geographic organises trips all over the world with one of their expert photographers as your guide.


Love photography? Love to travel? Why not check out a photography workshop abroad; you could find yourself on flights to Namibia, photographing ancient tribes and wildlife!

Images are taken from © and puliarfanita / Flickr cc.

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