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“Babymoons” are booming in popularity. It’s that last little break for a couple to enjoy before their little bundle of joy arrives into the world. A final holiday in peace and quiet. Travelling pregnant is far from straightforward so here are some tips for mum-to-be and daddy-to-be.

Baby is on the way and you’re anxious to get away one last time before your family of two becomes a family of three (or more!). Here are some tips to help you relax on your holiday and we haven’t forgotten the men! Here are a few tips for you too to make sure you partner is as comfortable as possible in her final weeks of pregnancy.

Tips for de-stressing and relaxing on holidays

  • When booking your flight, choose an aisle seat located close to one of the lavatories.
  • Allow yourself plenty of time for travel. Longer stopovers will ensure you have enough time to stretch your legs, visit the ladies room and get yourself from gate to gate.
  • If your usual holiday itinerary is packed full of sightseeing tours, excursions, non-stop shopping trips or adventure activities then it’s time to plan a new kind of holiday.
  • Plan your days so you have several breaks throughout the day to put your feet up. Resting is essential so here are some ideas for your trip: spa treatments (no hot tubs or saunas though), long soaks in your hotel bath, reading on the beach, sitting in cafes absorbing the atmosphere, picnics in a city park…
  • You can still be active: join a Pilates or yoga class, get a massage, go swimming or for a brisk walk, join in a cultural activity like a pottery class, painting workshop, etc. What you want to avoid is several hours up and about on your feet without a break.

What to pack on a baby moon

  • Comfortable and supportive shoes
  • Blister pads for when you feet swell and cause unusual rubbing
  • Layers, especially pack some wraps that can double as a blanket or shawl
  • Swimwear! Try it on before you go to make sure your bump will fit

Tips for men travelling with mums-to-be

Now is your chance to really pamper your partner! That means letting her pack as much as she feels she needs and carrying her luggage for her. As you’re getting ready for your babymoon here are a few tips to help you along the way.

  • Tell her she looks amazing in her swimsuit. Actually, she needs to hear more than ever that she’s beautiful while she’s pregnant.
  • Skip the drinks at dinner. There’s nothing fun about being the only one ordering a virgin Bloody Mary so why not “make it two?”
  • Memorize these seven magic words: “What can I do to help, honey?”
  • While you’re lazing by the pool or on the beach, what better opportunity to offer a foot rub?
  • Grazing the magazine selection at the airport? Before you reach for your usual pick how about also choosing a magazine from the baby section? The thrill on your wife’s face will be worth it.

For particulars on airline rules and regulations, check out our article: Pregnant women on the go: what you should know.

Did you and your partner go on a babymoon? Share your own tips for travelling pregnant with us!

Img: Thomas Pom-pernigg, Pregnant/Family Sessionby Felipe Fernandes Photography / Flickr cc.

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4 responses to “Travelling pregnant: tips for mums AND dads

  1. Traveling with a family certainly takes planning and attention to detail to make it a pleasure instead of a disaster. Here is a tip I would like to share that goes in a little different direction. We all know that there is extra commotion and distraction when traveling with kids which can lead to leaving things behind. I found this out while traveling to Canada with my son and my laptop got left behind at a cafe. Luckily for me I had a tracer tag on it. A waiter where I ate lunch found it and entered my tracker number on the website and I was sent a text message (and an email) before I ever even knew it was missing. I was able to recover it before leaving Toronto. I’m not sure what would have happened had I not discovered it until the next day when I was 400 miles away. The tags are available through They saved my trip and I now have them on almost everything that goes with me on a trip.

    1. Hi Bob!

      That’s a fantastic tip, especially these days when it seems we are travelling with smartphones, laptops and tablets. Sometimes all in the same bag! Thanks for the tip, will definitely add it to our next “must-have travel gadgets” post in the near future.

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