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Islands… We spend our summers travelling to them and our winters dreaming about them. They’re places of escape, isolation and beauty. Where are the best islands in the world? Here’s what #TTOT travellers said but we’ll let you be the judge!

Island… paradise…

Islands are great places to spend a holiday away. They’re totally secluded from the outside world… well that all depends on where you go. An island like Australia offers excellent coastal beaches with all the world’s amenities! #TTOT asked travellers to recommend their favourite islands, do you agree with their choices?

Greek islands

Q1 via @Aykate: What is your favorite island and why?

@meggroff: Zanzibar…this is why:

@rtwdave: Gili Trawangan, Indonesia (no cars or motos, laid back island vibe)

@BespokeTravels: Favourite island: Saint Lucia, for its weather, nature, and beaches.

@AuthenticCoast: Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia: beautiful scenery, warm people, gaelic culture, great music.

@MalloryOnTravel: Iceland because it is an awesome geologically active island with Volcanoes, geysirs, Northern Lights, whales and viking @hjortur.

@MiddleSeatView: I guess my favorite “non-traditional island” is Manhattan… because I just keep falling more in love with that city.

@glampacker: Santorini for its amazing sunsets and beautiful views over the caldera.

@Roopunzel: I like the little Island you can row out to on Regents Park Lake in London.

@TravelsceneUSA: Australia. Not many islands can also boast to being a continent. Impressive.

@NomadTours: So sorry @RichardBranson, Necker Island is definitely a firm favourite, I hope the restoration after the fire is as beautiful. 🙂

Islands: movies and books

There’s something about islands that catches every holiday-maker and traveller’s attention. Maybe it’s the romantic dreams brought back from childhood readings of Peter Pan, Gulliver’s Travels. Maybe it’s that re-run movie on TV last week, you know the one… starring Leonardo DiCaprio?

Q4 via @AnilaBabla: What’s your favorite island-related film or book?

@DisarmDoors: Book: The Beach. Film: Blue Lagoon

@hiptraveler: Book “Getting Stoned With Savages” about Vanuatu, Tahiti surf film “Teahupoo”

@SaraKateTravel: I like how a Greek island is the setting for Mamma Mia and also (I know, I’m a geek) Sisterhood of Traveling Pants lol!!

@Drafted_Boy: The Beach — Koh Phi Phi, Virginie Ledoyen & Leonardo DiCaprio actually made me want to visit Thailand.

@TheTravProject: Lord of the flies anyone?

@joapet: Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. Of course! Pirates ahoy!

@chippy2u: Fools Gold filmed around Port Douglas. Okay perhaps we all just wanted to see Matthew McConaughey jogging topless on 4 Mile beach! 🙂

Tell us your favourite island-inspired books, movies and holiday destinations!

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Img: mynameisharsha, ronsaunders47 / Flickr cc.

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