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One of Rome’s most popular tourist sights is still getting showered by tourist coins, despite being bone dry as it undergoes extensive restoration.

The £2 million restoration project of the city’s most popular Baroque fountain isn’t deterring tourists from visiting the famous Trevi Fountain. There’s now a temporary bridge in front of it for visitors to use, and they’re still throwing coins over their shoulders, into the dry pool underneath. The tradition of throwing a coin over your shoulder into the fountain is supposed to bring you good luck, and ensures you’ll visit Rome again (and why wouldn’t you when flights to Rome are so cheap?).

Some tourists are throwing their coins at the fountain, and even the restoration works are complaining of being hit by coins! Let’s think about workplace safety here people… The city’s cultural heritage officials plan to put up signs, advising tourists to toss their coins into the basin, instead of hurling them at the statue of Neptune and the workers.

Img: garyong / Flickr cc.

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