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An 8 year old wanted to bring his pet turtle on holidays with him, so he tried to bring it on the plane with him on a flight departing from Guangdong, China… in his pants.

Security officials noticed something “unusually large and moving” in the boy’s trousers and upon further inspection, they found the boy was harbouring a stowaway for the journey, his pet turtle. Cong Cong Tai, the boy, was forced to give up the turtle before boarding and security officials promised the turtle would be able to travel safety in the cargo hold of the plane.

Cong Cong isn’t the first to try to smuggle a turtle from Guangzhou Airport. Apparently a man tried to bring his pet turtle onboard, hiding in a KFC hamburger while going through security. Too bad the turtle tried to crawl away during inspection!

The lesson to be learned? Leave your pet turtle at home when travelling on flights to China.

Img: exalthim / Flickr cc.

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