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Applause all around for this week’s Travel Talk on Twitter session which went down with a bang and the usual travel-inspired chitchat. This week’s talk was all about capital cities and the best of what they have to offer. When it comes to a whirlwind tour, which cities offer the best of the best in the mere span of 24 hours?

Q1 via @EmmaHiggins88: Which capital city has the best sights to see in the space of 24 hours

@reidontravel: Best capital city for 24 hours? A1. Hanoi, Vietnam: favourite Asian city. Walkable centre, magic turtle, street beer.

@RickGriffin: Las Vegas because everything is open 24/7.

@sushibananas: Tokyo is a very cool place to be. And it is a 24 hour city in addition to being a capital!

@GAT_ChinaTours: New York City. Run, walk, hop, skip, or take the subway. You can do it all there.

@ehalvey: Dublin has lots to offer, but you can easily get the experience sitting in a pub the whole day without seeing anything else 🙂

@Drafted_Boy: While the sights aren’t as epic as Paris, Rome or London — Amsterdam’s size makes it ideal for a 24 hr visit!

@loco2: Well you know what they say, “When in Rome…pack as much into 24hrs as Romanly possible!”

@gapyeardotcom: Ok, pretty close to home but I genuinely think London might offer the most for a mad 24 hour sight-seeing spree!

@MalloryOnTravel: Vaduz in Leichensten, can see the whole country in 24 hours let alone the capital!

Tackling any city in 24 hours is a feat in itself, let along a capital! These are some great recommendations though the next time you’re on a short trip with just enough time to take in the essentials.

What are your favourite capitals for quick trips?

Travel Talk on Twitter takes place weekly on Tuesdays at 9:30 GMT and 21:30 GMT. Follow the hashtag #TTOT and join in the conversation. Next week’s topic: Volunteer Travel

Img: Abhishek Ghaté / Flickr cc.

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