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Adventure tours are huge business but many travellers think that you don’t have to travel far to find an adventure! Whether you’re on one side of the world or the other, looking for adventure or not, these destinations around the world will certainly deliver.

This week’s #TTOT topic was adventure travel: where to find it, sharing wild adventurous tales and what classifies “extreme” adventures. During the session, it came up again and again that you don’t need to take a holiday in an exotic far-off places to find adventure, sometimes it’s right in your own backyard! It doesn’t hurt to check out these places though, if you’re looking for new experiences, guaranteed adventure and adrenalin. Here are the top 10 adventure destinations chosen from this week’s #TTOT session.

Q2 via @OysterWorldwide: Where is the best place in the world to visit for adventure activities &what is the best activity there? #TTOT

1. @travelholic: Anywhere that lets you bend the rules. Riding on the top of a bus in Bangladesh, for example.

2. @toniwonitravels: Bali. Elephant trekking, white water rafting and climb an active volcano to watch sunrise!

3. @Roopunzel: theres an amazing walking route through Israel top 2 bottom, takes approx 3 months, what adventures u have along the way is up 2 u

4. @turiskopio: Australia’s Northern Territory, swimming with crocodiles (even though they say they remove them before holiday season)

5. @HanWood1: Simple as going for a walk … in the Selous National Park, dodging lions and wild dogs 😀

Is exploring underwater caves in Mexico adventurous enough?

6. @StefanoPedroni: cave diving in Mexico!!

7. @i_on_food_drink: Scotland’s Whisky Trail is on my list! RT @budgettraveller: the whisky – would lead to some adventures!

8. @MalloryOnTravel: Halfway up El Cap or Half dome you might be regretting you chose that particular adventure!

9. @GFexplorers: White water rafting on the Zambezi River in Africa was an adventure i’ll never forget

10. @25travels: I think the world is too awesome, that being anywhere is an ADVENTURE in itself.

What are your favourite places to find adventure? What kind of adventures you found found while travelling abroad?

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Img: Adventure Central, Flickr cc.

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