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Road trips are the epitome of freedom, wind in hair and map in hand with no time restriction holding you back. You’re never late because you’re traveling on your time, with your rules. Pretty sweet, right?

But despite all the freedom and this new cool-guy attitude you’ve adopted, it’s important to be as prepared as humanly possibly pre-road trip. Don’t underestimate the power of planning and research.

Although planning can be overwhelming we’ve put together some top tips for you. Skip the default flight and really explore your next destination on four wheels.


Seeing as you don’t have to pay for checking in luggage it is tempting to take everything with you. But reality is you don’t need half as much as you think. Be ruthless, pack your stuff, then unpack and get rid of 25%. It will provide for a more comfortable car journey with more space to stretch your legs.road trip

Clean your car before and during your journey

On a road trip you are quite literally living out of your car, even if you plan to stay in hotels every night you’re still spending a huge about of time cooped up in your vehicle. So respect your space. Make the effort to put that takeaway box in the trash. And please please, give it a vacuum and deep clean before you set off.road trip2

Embraces the CD

Ok if you really insist, you’re iTunes will suffice. Creating an epic playlist for your road trip can make or break it. Your tune choice will great impact your mood, so make sure to keep it upbeat when you’re feeling ready to take on the world and your next destination, then mellow it out when your passengers fancy some chilled out time.

It goes without saying, DO NOT road trip with someone who is not musically compatible. Well, I guess you could, but prepare for the arguments.road trip3

Essentials: cash, change and beer.

You never know when you’re going to need cash, change-only-cash-tolls can spring up on you out of nowhere and beer because, well, you can’t watch a sunset without a beer (the driver can have soda.)beer

Spare keys

Just please. Please.

Road games

Make them up or have a bank of road games in your mind. Take this time to get to your travel buddy even better, there’s always something more to learn about a person. Even if it is just that they suck at road games.road trip 4

Capture the moment

Take photos and videos on your trip, the time spent in your car will make a great time lapse vid, so start experimenting and make something to show your friends and family back

IMG: cloudchaser32000, Chovve, wwarby, markus spiske, Dani Alvarez Canellas, Zach Dischner, / Flickr cc.

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