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To group or not to group? That’s always a hard one for travellers used to traversing borders solo. But group travels have their pros… or course their cons as well. Whether you swear by them or scorn them, #TTOT got to the root of group travel this week on Twitter!

You know you want to… but why?

Tourists in Paris

Group travel. That’s the topic up for debate. Travellers were asked why they like to travel in a group, or at least why they would be motivated to do it. Some do it out of sheer practicality. Certain areas of the world are totally off-limits if you’re not with a tourist group and guide: Tibet, for example. If you’re short on time and money, group travel is often a great alternative to see a lot in a short period of time. The plus side, they rarely put you on low cost flights to the destination (hello, leg room)! If you’re not convinced maybe these traveller’s answers will sway you to the “group” side.

Q1 via @anyaosk: What are your reasons/motivations for group travel?

@anyaosk: Having some extra hands to carry my bags is always a plus!

@IavraVillaAssoc: Also, you can’t say that you know someone well until you’ve travelled with them. True colours come out on the road…

@solangefrancois: I prefer travelling alone or with one partner/friend but group travel is attractive for extra security and cost savings.

@toddwassel: To meet new people. Sometime traveling alone gets…lonely.

@bpmojo: Good with a optimized group : a photographer, a bargainer, a crazy dude (always good), a historical genius, a adventurer.

@aladdintravel: Traveling in a group adds multiple eyes, ears, opinions… and thoughts… Not to mention new friends!

@our_oyster: For the memories. I like to be able to say ‘remember when’ to someone. 🙂

@redhunttravel: Group travel got me to places like Antarctica and the Galapagos…where solo travel isn’t easy.

@foodieintl: More people = more plates at the dinner table! Any opportunity to try more local food.

@glampacker: Someone’s always on hand to take your photo!

Just for laughs


If you think that travelling in a group is bore-ville… snap out of it! Travelling with a handful of mates or a bus full of them can be just as adventurous and entertaining as travelling solo, maybe even more so! This is just a taste of the stories that came up in our feed and are pure laugh-out-loud quality. We’re certain this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Q3 via @constancehotels: What is your funniest group travel story?

@GapYearExperts: Dressing as pirates and ‘storming’ aboard a boat full of sensible nature-lovers demanding booze, demanding more rum in Galapagos!

@MissMagpieFGS: Funniest Group travel story: Pulling up in front of the Guinness Factory & having someone ask if it was the Irish Embassy.

@SpotCoolStuff: Time was, I ran tours to Thailand. On one, our Bangkok hotel caught fire. “Firemen” showed up on mopeds with their girlfriends in tow.

@HostelBookers: Everyone knows the golden rule “what goes on tour, stays on tour.”

@elkhorninn: Learning that “suck suck pussy pussy” means “hugs & kisses” in Hungarian – loudly- in a bar in Italy! :-O

@WHLgroup: A friend getting his RayBans snatched by a monkey, and then having to pay someone to throw food at it to retrieve…

@toddwassel: Metal boat, Thailand lake, lightning storm, singing Beatles songs to keep away the grim reaper. The guide thought it was funny.

@Chimeratravel: All went to wrong train station in Prague & had to ride in a cab holding our bags out the back of the cab to get to the right one.

@BackPackerSteve: On the way to the french alps we lost one person at a motorway service area – he boarded the wrong bus and woke up in Paris.

@MalloryOnTravel: In 140 or less now that is a challenge!

Travel Talk on Twitter takes place weekly on Tuesdays at 9:30 GMT and 21:30 GMT. Follow the hashtag #TTOT and join in the conversation! Next week’s topic: Expat travel

 Imgs: askii, malias, eschipul / Flickr cc.

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2 responses to “#TTOT Round-up: group travel

  1. we did a group tour to China and one to Australia and New Zealand..they are great if you get like minded people..we were lucky all of the people were always on time..we had a great time on both trips and lots of laughs

    1. Hi Rosemary! Thanks for your comment! You’re right about getting on trips with like-minded people, makes it all the better! I think too it’s nice to take a group trip if it’s your first time to a country. You can see a lot in a little bit of time, gives you a taste. Then you know if you want to really go back and spend more time in that place. I wasn’t too keen on it at first, but I totally see the plus side to group travel after the #TTOT session!

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