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What inspires you to travel? We dive into that question this week with travellers from around the world on #TTOT, travel talk on twitter, and if you’re easily inspired, get ready for some serious wanderlust!

When I grow up…

Can you remember the first time you knew you wanted to travel? Was it in front of the TV watching Carmen Sandiego whizz from continent to continent, or Tintin solving mysteries around the world? Maybe it was because of someone close to you, who nurtured your inner Christopher Columbus.

Q1 via @UpcycledBliss What is your first memory of wanting to travel?

@WindstarCruises: Most travelers I know start by crawling away from their crib. 😉

@TravelBlggr: 1st *memory* of wanting to travel? I think I wanted to go to NYC after watching Sesame Street to find Oscar in a garbage can.

@HipCompass: When I became friends with a girl from Australia in 1st grade.

@lowcostholidays: Probably watching children’s wildlife programmes and knowing I wanted to go see lions and tigers!

@FionaHilliard: Not being able to sleep the night before a trip when I was a child – too excited!:)

@GFexplorers: Reading Swallows & Amazons inspired me but never mastered ‘sea-legs’ so I stick to planes, trains and my trusty feet to get about.

@JauntingKerrs: For me the Adventures of Tintin nudged me in the Adventure travel direction.

@ravenoustravelr: “Anywhere but here” was a motto growing up in Maine.

@travel_bugg: My first trans pacific plane ride at 8 years old and I was hooked.

A picture’s worth a thousand words

We’re not going to ruin the photos by rambling on about how great they are. After yesterday’s #TTOT session, it’s pretty clear that photographs can have a huge impact on the direction of someone’s trip. All it takes is one image.

Q4 via @self_indulged Has a single photograph ever inspired you to travel to a specific location. If so, what was the image?

@theBubbleBuster: The Tigers Nest temple in Bhutan resulted in my trip at Xmas! Here’s the photo I got!

Tiger's Nest Temple
Shared by @theBubbleBuster

@Limosa_LL: Has to be an amazing peaceful image of Halong Bay, Vietnam, which I then visited – 10 years agos now!

Halong Bay

@cjguest: Every photo I see of the Maldives makes me want to go!

Arrival Jetty

@giopalatucci: Haven’t made it there yet, but this photo makes me want to go to Thailand for the Loy Krathong celebration.

Flying lanterns
National Geographic

@MalloryOnTravel: A picture very similar to this one made me want to visit Meteora in Greece.

Shared by @MalloryOnTravel

@FourSeasons: One glance at this picture from Bora Bora and you’ll be packing your bags!

Bora Bora
Shared by @FourSeasons

@rkerestes: Any photo that shows a glimpse over the horizon, a peak into local life, a road less traveled…inspires me to pack my bags.

BONUS: rap!

#TTOTers are pretty spirited, take this video from @journeytom for example. Live it, tweet it, rap it! Thanks for sharing this Tom and don’t worry, we’re not laughing at you (not all of us). 😉

Travel Talk on Twitter takes place weekly on Tuesdays at 9:30 GMT and 21:30 GMT, why don’t you join in? Follow the #TTOT hashtag on Twitter and answer the travel questions that pop up every 10 minutes for an hour. Next week’s topic: forms of travel.

Img: aschaf / Flickr cc.

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