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With smartphone cameras getting better all the time, soon you don’t even need to bring a camera on your trip with you. Phoneography is on the rise and these apps will help you take better photos with your phone.

Built-in cameras on phones have come a long way. With a whopping 8 megapixel camera on the new iPhone 4, is it really necessary to take your point-and-shoot along for your next trip? Absolutely not. Not only are camera phones getting better and better all the time but it’s so easy to share your photos from anywhere. No more uploading to your laptop, sorting then uploading to Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter or just about any social media site. You can do all this right from your phone.

PLUS, you can set location on your photos so you know exactly where you were when you took the shot. Slip your phone into your pocket and off you go! Here are the best photo apps to get for your iPhone.


South Bank London

With more than 11 million users, Instagram is one of the most popular photo apps out there. It’s easy to use and makes your photos look super cool. Take a shot and add a filter to change the look of the photo. Share with your social networks instantly. This is a great app to spice up your travel photos and create an ongoing travelogue of snapshots. It’s very easy to sync with both your Twitter and Facebook accounts.



This is a great app for making 360-degree panorama shots. Just hold your camera vertically and slowly sweep it across the landscape. The phone uses the video technology to piece together a stunning panorama. Save it to your Camera Roll and share it on Facebook or Twitter, send it by email or upload it to iCloud right from the app. See the image in an immersive 3D viewer here.


British Museum

PicFrame lets you make photo collages in a very cool way. It was a few dozen different templates to choose from. You can adjust the border widths, aspect ratio and more. It’s a fun way of combining 5 photos of the British Museum from your holiday in London rather than sharing each shot individually.


If you’re anything like us we kind of relish the cheap and kitsch of really bad postcards which we send home with equally bad “wish you were here” messages scrawled on the back. BUT if you want to send postcards from your trip that are just a little more personalized, then Picsicle is a cool app that you can probably make good use of. Choose your photo, write a message, post it anywhere in the world… from your iPhone. Amazing, really.

What photo apps do you use while travelling? What kind of camera gear do you usually take with you on the road?

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