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Arts come in so many different shapes and mediums. In this week’s #TTOT session we covered books, film and artists. Getting ready for the holidays, there’s no better time to pick up a good book or snuggle up with a film and let yourself be taken away to new lands.

There were so many great answers for the first question that kickstarted the arts travel discussion that we decided to compile a huge list of all of your travel book (and film) recommendations. These are chosen by travellers, for travellers so if you happen to have some downtime during the holidays for a movie-marathon or you find yourself browsing the book shop at the airport before you board your flight, pick up one of these! We promise you won’t be disappointed by the places they take you.

Indiana Jones
Which film characters inspire your travels?

Q1 via @economy_carhire: Has a book or film ever inspired you to travel to a certain destination? If so, what & where?

@HoneyKlose: Twilight Saga New Moon, I travelled alone to Volterra, Italy only to save my Edward from Volturi, but Bella got there faster than me.

@ComViaggiatori: “On the Road” by J.Kerouac inspired me to go to the States and from there just keep on going.

@Jeszbelle: The Sound of Music, my favourite movie since I were kid! Went to Salzburg hope to find “my captain von Trapp” but no luck! LOL

@insidetravellab: Actually, after seeing Schindler’s List, I wanted to visit Krakow & Auschwitz.

@hyperren: Someday, when I visit Barcelona and Paris, I will credit Woody Allen for it. Vicky Cristina Barcelona and Midnight in Paris.

@LateralMovement: Book. ‘ A Fine Balance’ by Rohinton Mistry is responsible for my upcoming trip to India.

@MalloryOnTravel: “Call of the Wild” by Jack London read it when I was a kid, wanted to visit the Alaska ever since.

@traveldudes: The film “The Motorcycle diaries”, but I still have to get there. 🙂

@LifesGreatAdv: Ooh thought of another one! Aladdin made me wanna go to the Middle East! Really wanted to befriend a monkey. 🙂

@katedombkins: “The Bronze Horseman” started my fascination with Russia. Some day.

@HostelBookers: Room with a View to Florence!

@HipTraveler: Has a book or film ever inspired you to travel to a destination? yes, IMAX documentary “climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro” in Tanzania.

@TravelingEditor: The Kite Runner – would love to go to Afghanistan.

@ehalvey: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade has had me pining for Petra for 20 years.

@DanyaBushey: Crocodile Dundee – #Australia. One of my coolest trips.

@earthXplorer: The movie ‘Long way Around” made me want to see #Africa even MORE!

@SaraRoderickLA: Everytime I watch The Devil Wears Prada or Sex & the City I get that East Coast craving.

@JustTravelous: Amelié makes me wanna live in Paris.

@GreerTerry: I’m heading to #Cartagena this spring thanks to Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

@sdintrono90: Roman Holiday was the driving force behind me studying Italian and studying in Rome for a semester.

@DangerousBiz: Lord of the Rings lead me to visit NZ. And “The Historian” has me dying to visit Istanbul and Eastern Europe.

@surfergrrl: Haven’t made it there yet, but “In Patagonia” by Bruce Chatwin has bumped this to the top of my list.

@despjour: Or the “Alhambra Tales” by Washington Irvin read as a child. Of course, I went to Granada afterwards.

@Cheapflights: Love Actually. Not just to London, but to London during the holidays!

We’d love to make this list even longer so tell us which books inspired you to travel? Where and why?

Looking for more reading inspiration? Check out Travel companions: the best books to take on the road and Travelogues for summer reading.

Travel Talk on Twitter takes place weekly on Tuesdays at 9:30 GMT and 21:30 GMT, why don’t you join in? Follow the #TTOT hashtag on Twitter and answer the travel questions that pop up every 10 minutes for an hour. Next week’s topic: Best in Travel 2012.

Imgs: flossyflotsam, Rob Young / Flickr cc.

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