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Paradise is a loaded word in the English language. It can refer to a simple and idyllic place or for some religions as the “ultimate abode of the just.” Ever hear of the expression heaven on earth? We’ve collected some of the best from this week’s #TTOT.

She ran away in her sleep and dreamt of paradise, every time she closed her eyes.

We have to say, all of the suggestions are rather tempting! From metropolitan cities to secluded beach escapes, what does paradise mean to you and have you found your heaven on earth during your travels? You can’t go wrong if you book flights to any of these destinations, they’re amazing. Don’t believe us? Check them out for yourselves.

Q4 via @sebaboerner: Where is your personal paradise?

Hands up if it’s at the beach!

@HollyGalbraith: Unawatuna Sri Lanka – it is paradise!!


@BespokeTravels: This one is pretty wonderful…

Anse Cochon Beach
Anse Cochon Beach

@adlibtraveller: Rio Grande in Jamaica, peaceful, relaxing and just beautiful to drift along.

@cjguest: I’m pretty sure I’ll find my personal paradise in the Maldives, the Seychelles, or Barbados.

@traveldudes: Looking at the sunset, from your sailing boat, which lies in a beautiful and lonely bay.

Leaving the Azores...

@Inga_Ros: Any “private” beach on or around the Dalmatian coast in #Croatia is my personal paradise.

‏@anyaosk: The one I’ve been to is in Maldives; the one on my #bucketlist is in Bora Bora.

@kitwhelan: My first thought was a beach with a Harry Potter book. Second thought was Comic-Con. 🙂

How about the city?

@IHateTaxis: Atop Gaudi’s La Pederera in Barcelona, the lower deck of the Eiffel Tower, atop Mars Rock in Athens…. just to name a few!

@cgywayfarer: Walking the streets of downtown San Francisco on a sunny afternoon.

@CharlesRyanTeo: My personal paradise would have to be Las Vegas. Aircraft, beautiful women 😉 and landscape can be found over there!

@jettingaround: Paris – or as I call it, Parisdise. 😀

Oh, Paris!

‏A breath of fresh air in the great outdoors!

@Ali_Jane322: Well, the 2 most incredibly beautiful places I’ve ever been are definitely Cape Town, South Africa and Mauritius.

@letssitoutside: My personal paradise… Wherever I can get lost/wander around. So far Burkina Faso, #NYC, Ushuaia…


Home is where the heart is

@gAdventures: Too many to name. No matter how far you travel there is no place like home. Your own bed after a long trip can be paradise.

@HW_Travel: Big dinner table with all my favorite people, mucho wine and some sort of beautiful back drop!

@RunawayJuno: Anywhere where my heart is.

@MarkVogler: My personal paradise is, of course, #Sonoma #Wine Country. My home.

Sometimes it’s not that difficult to find, as this traveller says,

@tweetsfromjody: Paradise = a good night’s sleep, good food & a good adventure.

Have you found your paradise? Where is it, what does it look like?

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Imgs: hassanrafeek, martineau, zigar, galeria_miradas / Flickr cc.

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