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You guess is as good as ours when it comes to predicting long-term trends in the travel industry. MSN UK however has revealed some new ideas and how the phenomenon of backpacking will change in the future.

It’s no secret that at at the speed of technology, the speed of travel is also be thrown full throttle ahead. MSN UK surveyed over 10,000 people on what they thought travel and the world would be like in the year 2025.

More than half (63%) thought we will still travel by plane (so obviously low cost airlines aren’t going anywhere) with train travel falling behind at only 7%. Alongside that point, many thought that by the time 2025 rolls around, we’ll be able to fly to our favourite long-haul destinations in far less time, making the world a much smaller and more accessible place… but most costly!

What happens when more people start to travel because the world is more accessible and flight times are shorter?

Airport congestion and increased airport security.

We already complain enough about full-body scanners, long waits to check-in and additional luggage fees!

Air travel is expected to become “a most unbearable experience” thanks to overcrowded airports and airplanes (standing-room only flights?). At least many Britons also thought that many more might opt to go for a stay-cation because global warming is going to deliver hotter summers in England and throughout the UK.

As for our favourite backpacking destinations through Thailand and south-east Asia, they’re expected to be full-blown developed tourist spots, therefore unaffordable for vagabonds with an itch to discover. Current backpacking destinations will change and from the survey it looks like flights to China, Australia and Eastern Europe will take over for Thailand and Indonesia.

What do you think the travel world will be like in the year 2025?

Are we headed towards more expensive travel costs, over-crowded airport facilities and innovative aircraft? To read more about the survey, head to

Img: joiseyshowaa / Flickr cc.

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3 responses to “What will travel be like in 2025?

  1. You're welcome Katie. Yeah, I think we should get use to it, that good things comes with am expensive price. And I agree with you about the airport fees.

    BTW Happy belated New Year. I just got back, What have I missed? I think you've got some interesting post to read.

  2. Thanks for your comment John, it's true when it comes to better performing aircraft that won't completely ruin the environment but it seems that it always comes at a higher price. Just take a look at organic vegetables and other products. Seems somewhere along the lines we've mixed up our thinking.

    No airport fees would definitely be a step in the right direction (including sky-high parking passes)!

  3. I go with the people who said that they want a faster time travel.

    I was able to watch a television show about an airplane with lesser gas emission. That's a great news to us who are pro environment, but my excitement drop down upon knowing that it would be too much expensive to travel if we use airplane with lesser gas emission.

    Anyway, what I want is for the airports to remove all those unnecessary fees.

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