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It’s not enough for American business magazine Forbes to write about business analysis, stocks and tech but it’s also dabbling in tourism as well. As far as best value for your money, Forbes has their own line-up of star destinations. Here they are!

“Even with a small budget, you can make great travel memories at a super price. All you need to do is choose the right destination.”

It’s Forbes that said it and we’re not one to argue, especially after seeing their destination choices. Here are five places that are 20 to 70% cheaper than the most popular mainstream destinations, but with so much to see and do. Of course these places are mostly aimed at American travellers, which is why four of them are in the Americas, North and South. However, if you’re planning to head overseas for holidays this year, these places would be a shame to miss!

Lisbon: cultural gem on a budget

  • Rivals the beauty of other European capitals
  • Offers travellers plenty of hotel discounts because of the financial crisis. Hotels are 20% cheaper than most other countries in Europe.
  • Don’t miss the Castelo do São Jorge, plus many other museums, art galleries and attractions
  • Delicious pastries cost less than €1
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Quebec: like France, just cheaper

  • French food and Continental architecture
  • Much cheaper than Paris, especially for British travellers exchanging their pounds for dollars
  • The funicular only costs $2 and offers a spectacular bird’s eye view of the city
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Roatan: best choice for scuba diving

  • Hotels in the Honduras are half the price compared to other Caribbean Islands
  • Scuba diving in the Bay is very cheap and is home to the second largest barrier reef in the world
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Albuquerque: mountain break, city break

  • The mountains are right on your doorstep
  • Hiking trails with plenty of opportunities to discover desert plants and Native American homes
  • Sandia Peak Aerial Tramway
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Mexican Nayarit Riviera: cheaper than Cancun

  • The exchange rate for Mexican Pesos is amazing (30% better than it has been the last 10 years)
  • Mexico’s Pacific coast is much cheaper than Cancun on the Caribbean
  • Dreamy beaches
  • Whale watching sea excursions
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Grand Velas Nuevo Vallarta. Nayarit. Mexico.

Which destination tempts you the most? 

Imgs: ekatieRaman PecoTheodore ScottWoody H1Grand Velas Resort / Flickr cc.

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