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Today is a very special day… it’s World Waffle Day! We’re celebrating this delicious snack with a round up of the best places to eat waffles around the world. Get your fork, knife and passport ready, it’s waffle time!

Waffles, originally a Belgium treat, are now a global phenomenon. You’ll find them on menus all over the USA and Canada, across Europe (particularly France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Scandinavia) and even in places like Singapore and Hong Kong in Asia. Waffle Day falls on the 25th of March every year and is celebrated as the beginning of spring and a very good excuse to tuck into a big plate of waffles.

Where can you find the best waffles? It all depends on your taste…



There are over a dozen types of waffles to be had in Belgium but the most popular among those are the Brussels waffle, the Liège waffle and the Flemish waffle. Head to the capital and order a Brussels waffle, it’s usually lighter and crispier than traditional ones and often served by street vendors with a light dusting of icing sugar. The Liège waffle is chewier and more dense, popular in eastern Belgium, especially in its namesake city. Choose from plain, vanilla or cinnamon. Finally the Flemish waffle is served with sugar and orange blossom water on top… the taste of spring!

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New York


Americans are crazy for waffles, especially at breakfast time. Their favourite toppings? Butter and maple syrup, with a side of bacon. You’ll also find waffles on American menus in the dessert section, served with ice cream. There’s no shortage of waffles in New York City. The best places? Amy Ruth’s on West 116th Street, Aloe on East 9th Street and Wafels & Dinges on a street corner near you.

Flights to New York

Hong Kong

hong kong waffle - 04

Waffles in Hong Kong are more likely to be called “grid cakes” and is most commonly found on the streets served as an afternoon snack with peanut butter and sugar. They’re much softer and almost melt in your mouth. You’ll also find them infused with different flavours like chocolate, honey melon and coconut jam called Ka Ya.

What’s your favourite waffle topping?

Imgs: Gerry Dincher, javasquid, bj carter  / Flickr cc.

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