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Passengers onboard short-haul British Airways flights could be asked to pay extra in order to receive a meal in economy class, a move to help the airline compete with cheaper rivals.

British Airways and other legacy airlines are needing to re-think their pricing in order to compete with their low-cost rivals. The airline is considering ditching free food in economy class on their short-haul routes and possibly even on long-haul trips too.

Passengers instead would have the option of paying for a better quality meal. Charging for meals is one of the last in-flight services that sets BA apart from the low cost carriers. The change would certainly help the airline compete on fares.

It wouldn’t be a total shock to the industry as many of us are already used to stocking up on snacks, sandwiches and drinks at the airport Pret, or where-have-you, before boarding. We’ll just have to wait and see what they decide. As always, it’s a good idea to compare flights before you book. While you may still get a meal onboard your BA flight, it might be cheaper to grab a sarnie to go and travel with a low cost carrier.

Img: Yum by James Cridland / Flickr cc.

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