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Holidays, sun, beach, palm trees… what we look forward to all year. Add a small touch of red and you’re on one of the most dangerous beaches in the world! Russian news agent RIA Novosti brings you the most dangerous, watch out for that shark!

It turns out that sunstroke and jellyfish stings aren’t the only dangers lurking at the beach. From garbage to killer crocodiles, from wild foxes that won’t think twice about attacking to piranhas… these are some of the most dangerous places to enjoy a beach holiday. Maybe just stick to your usual favourite spot in Tenerife, okay?


Port Saint Johns – South Africa


South Africa’s beaches are true beach paradises for swimmers at first glance. Fine sand and warm waters… and sharks. Not just any either, the great white Carcharodon Carcharias! Think Jaws.

Cairns and Darwin – Australia


Like South Africa, Australia also has to deal with shark attacks. The Aussie authorities are even considering taking back the great white’s status as a protected species after one of them snacked on a local surfer.

Heading to the northern coast of the continent, it’s not sharks that swimmers have to worry about. It’s Chironex Fleckeri. The sting from one of these deceivingly beautiful creatures can be fatal.

New Smyrna and Virginia Beach – USA


Florida’s tropical waters are infested with sharks, especially the New Smyrna Beach. But it’s not the sharks that swimmers really need to worry about, it’s the storms! Several dozens of people have been blown away in the last ten years, a record.

Still in the United States, in the north-east is Virginia Beach. This popular summer haunt has its own set of problems: wild foxes. Cute, right? Until they attack you while you’re tanning on the beach.

Marshall Islands – Pacific Ocean


Sharks, jellyfish, foxes… and man! Far, far, away in a place called Bikini Atoll somewhere in the Pacific Ocean it’s not the animals that put the swimmers in danger but man himself. Since the United States started doing nuclear tests in the area to develop their A and H bombs, the water has become extremely toxic. There aren’t too many tourists around but it is home to a certain Mister Spongebob Squarepants.

Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro – Brazil


Two cities, two reasons not to go swimming. Rivers in the centre of Brazil are infested with piranhas. They’re small in size but have teeth designed the rip the flesh off of its prey. As for Rio de Janeiro, Copa Cabana Beach is a beautiful place to bathe but it doesn’t come without a price. Crime is high on this beach, so better look after your belongings and mind your own business while on holidays in Rio de Janeiro.

Where were you swimming this summer?

Source: RIA Novosti
Imgs: TheGrantPeters, Christian Haugen, Naufragio, Robert Huffstutter, Maria Hsu, caspermoller / Flickr cc.

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3 responses to “Where not to go: world’s most dangerous beaches

  1. Totally agree with what you said Stuart. The UK beaches might be a bit windy at times, but I don’t think I have ever worried about Piranha attacks!

    1. You two are both right! The UK has so many pretty beaches even if they aren’t tropical. Plus, it’s lucky to swim next to a basking shark, isn’t it?

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