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#TTOT is rounding up and more and more travellers each and every week. This week’s session was all about travel photography, covering everything from tips, essential travel accessories, favourite photos and of course the most embarrassing ones also. Looking to improve your travel photography skills? Take advice from the experts!

When it comes to taking photographs while travelling, there are a few things to keep in mind whether it’s the rule of threes, lighting, contrast or capturing unique and memorable subject matter in your frame. You don’t need a fancy camera to take great photos, just a few pointers. Here are the 20 best advices for travel photography taken from this week’s #TTOT, Travel Talk on Twitter session.

Q1 via @MalloryonTravel: What is the best travel photography tip you have ever been given?

1. @toniwonitravels: Don’t be embarrassed to ask people to take your photo for you.

2. @Travelbite: Remember to charge your battery….simple but important!

3. @artofbackpackin: My Tip: When asking someone to take a picture for you, make sure THEY know how to take a picture too.

4. @tripwolf: If everyone takes the same picture of something, why not take a picture of everyone taking a picture.

5. @NarinaExelby: Change your perspective – don’t shoot from standing – and when you’re wandering a new city, always remember to look up!

6. @traveldudes: Best lighting is half an hour before sunset.. Pictures look amazing!

7. @roniweiss: Have a camera small enough that you won’t want to just leave it in your hotel room.

8. @minditravels: Take pictures of everything that catches your eye and delete later!

9. @AlexPlim: Find a fresh angle on exhausted subjects – point ur lens at the tourists at Taj Mahal, rather than the blding.

10. @corduroy08: Night shots look better in black & white, but ALWAYS shoot in colour and edit later –

11. @eurapart: Bad weather is your friend. Locations look dramatic just after the rain. Hazy sunny days the opposite.

12. @tristanography: Think less and shoot more.

13. @AboutLondon: Look at classic views in a new way. Move to a new angle, from behind, etc.

14. @OysterWorldwide: Take photos when you arrive in the destination, before unusual things become ‘normal.’

15. @wildjunket: Best photography tip: to use a tissue to block up excess light when using flash!

16. @Self_Indulged: Always take the shot NOW don’t ever pass up the chance thinking you can shoot it later.

17. @20sTravel: Get up close and personal! Even if people look at you funny…

18. @weissblut82: Don’t focus just on technical aspects; line your mind, heart and eye.

19. @Adventureskope: My best tip: don’t get caught up in mega pixels, lenses or tech. The secret to good pics is having your camera with you!

20. @kirstyabrown: When filming a sunset stay until the sun has gone down… most people leave at that point & it’s when the pics are at their best.

Have any of your own travel photography advice to share? Add it in our comment section!

Travel Talk on Twitter takes place weekly on Tuesdays at 9:30 GMT and 21:30 GMT. Follow the hashtag #TTOT and join in the conversation. Next week’s topic: Problem Solving

Img: moleskinart, Flickr cc.

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