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There are destinations which ignite our passions, feed our fire from within. Tropical islands, the whirl of the metropolis… love has many places of worship. Here are the most beautiful places in the world to share with your loved one this Valentine’s Day!

The most international: the I love you wall – Paris

This mosaic, hidden in a square in the heart of Montmartre, was done by two French artists and illustrates how to say “I love you” in more than 250 languages. If you have flights to Paris for the special day, make sure this is a stop on your romantic walking tour. Do you know, for example, how to say it in Javanese? Look a little closer, “Aku tresno marag sliromu!”

The most photogenic: Galesnjak Island – Croatia

This heart-shaped island, the shape of which was discovered thanks to Google Earth, attracts hundreds of love-struck pilgrims. It’s a little rugged though since it has no fresh water, no electricity and no inhabitants. If you like playing it the Swiss Family Robinson way though, it’s a perfect retreat.

The most languorous: Love Park – Lima, Peru

Inaugurated in 1993, this park is filled with sculptures celebrating that mysterious connection which brings two people together, love. One of those statues, of two lovers in each other’s arms, has become a must-see for helpless romantics. It is also the place where the longest kiss world championship takes place. The record to beat on February 14th: 60 minutes!

The most theatrical: Juliet’s House – Verona, Italy

No one knows for sure if the Juliet ever lived in this house but legend has it that the the house was hers. Although the home and adjoining chapel were run-down until the beginning of the twentieth century, now it is one of the most visited sites, particularly for women with lost loves, lost connections. It is also good luck to rub the right breast of the golden statue which stands in the middle of the courtyard.

The most sexual: Jeju Love Land – South Korea

Take a trip to Jeju Island, a UNESCO site, and you will find one of the most curious parks in the world. Visitors can admire 140 sculptures representing the positions of the Kama Sutra, complete with expressions of sheer ecstasy on their faces and huge phalluses. This is the place where love, art and eroticism meet.

The most mythical: Picadilly Circus, London

Since 1893, Eros has pointed his magical bow at the crowds passing through one of London’s busiest junctions. Lovers take their photo in front of the statue as a symbol of their union. If you’re in London this Valentine’s Day, make sure you bring your camera to capture your sweetheart and yourself in front of the god of love.

The most oriental: Kiyomizu-dera Sanctuary – Kyoto

This Buddhist temple in eastern Kyoto houses two sacred stones in a a shrine dedicated to the god of “good match-making”. Lonely-hearted visitors who successfully walk from one stone to the other with their eyes closed will find true love. Couples that are able to link the stones will share eternal love together.

The most “heavy-metal”: Luzhkov Bridge – Moscow

Love locks can be found all over the place, but where did it all start? No one really knows but Moscow recently caught on and this bridge is covered. Buy a lock, engrave your initials and those of your loved one onto it, lock it to the bridge and throw away the keys into the water below. You love will be sealed forever. Unfortunately many love locks were cut last year in Paris…

The most adventurous: Spitzberg – Norway

Legend says that couples who see the magical aurora borealis across this northern landscape in the farthest reaches of Norway will remain together for the rest of their lives (that is, if they make it back to civilization without freezing to death!). The best time to catch the lights is between September and March.

The most moving: Tislit and Isli Lakes – Morocco

According to local folklore, Tislet and Isli were the Romeo and Juliet of the Berber world. These two lakes located just beyond the High Atlas mountains were formed out of the lover’s tears when they were separated. Accessible with flights to Marrakech or Fez. The lakes are located on backroads and during certain times of the year 4x4s are necessary to reach them.

Where will you be kissing your lover this Valentine’s Day?

Imgs: Moxieg, GothamNurse, Boss Tweed, future shape, Mulberry24, akk_rus, GuideGunnar – Arctic Norway, tadd_debbie / Flickr cc.

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