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This bit of travel news was just too cute to pass up. Honestly, Scottish Shetland ponies in hand-knit wool jumpers? What’s not to love about that? These two are the pin-up pair for this season’s Visit Scotland’s latest tourism campaign.

Meet Fivla and Vitamin


They’re Shetland ponies that have been trying to stay warm during the latest cold snap. Their solution? To snuggle up in hand-knit onesies made out of only the finest Shetland wool with traditional patterns and motifs. Visit Scotland didn’t miss a beat and is using the adorable pair in their latest ad campaign to show a more “cuddly” side to Scotland’s wild north.

They’re the perfect “spokesponies” for the region. The ponies themselves are known around the world plus there has never been such a strong demand internationally for Shetland wool and knitwear… people just can’t get enough of the stripes! These kitted out ponies seemed the perfect way to attraction attention to Scotland’s landscapes, wildlife, industry and heritage. And if there’s any sure fire way to attract people, it’s by using cute animals in clothes.

The current tourism campaign is promoting the Year of Natural Scotland which hopes to inspire people from around the world to plan holidays in Scotland to experience the landscapes in person. Plus, they may just run into a pony in a sweater while they’re there.

Now, can someone tell us where we can get a t-shirt with Fivla and Vitamin on the front?

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