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Have you ever wondered where all the lost luggage goes if unclaimed by its owner? It doesn’t just disappear into a void, nor left abandoned at the airport (like they have space for that). It might find itself in small-town Scottsboro, AB at the Unclaimed Baggage Centre.

Did you know that a mere 2% of all luggage handled by airlines never finds its owner? 98% of all misplaces luggage finds its way to its rightful owner within five days. But if the luggage is found and the airline has already paid out a claim to the passenger, then it is the airline’s to sell.

Introducing the Unclaimed Baggage Centre.

This is a huge depot which sells everything found inside of those lost bags, including the suitcases themselves! Millions of items come from all over the world ranging from bicycles, to jewellery, electronics and toys. Items are sold at 50-80% off retail value and this, you can be sure, attracts its fair share of bargain-hunters.

If you don’t happen upon flights to Atlanta, you can tour the store on-line at!

Top 10 of the coolest things found in lost luggage

  • Sealed in a small plastic bag was a 40.95 carat natural emerald
  • Full suit of armour, an authentic replica of a 19th century original (Medieval Times, anyone?)
  • Life-sized face of Hoggle, from the Jim Henson film Labyrinth
  • Old Gucci suitcase revealed Egyptian artefacts dating back to 1500 B.C. including a mummified falcon
  • Camera designed specifically for a NASA Space Shuttle (since returned to NASA)
  • Wrapped in a sock was a 5.8 carat diamond set in platinum
  • Skydiving parachute, all neatly packed, ready for the next jump
  • Innocent Barbie doll was bought, when little girl pulled of its head, a roll of US$500 in bills was stuffed inside
  • Live rattlesnake was found in a suitcase by store staff
  • Navigation system for an F16 was found worth an estimated US$25,000 (since returned to the U.S. Navy)

Think people travel with some pretty weird stuff in their luggage? How about live animals? One man was caught in Mexico smuggling 18 monkeys in his pants!

Has an airline ever lost your luggage?

Img: o5com, Flickr cc.

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