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You’re probably not ready for winter just yet but these northern destinations are irresistible. Finland’s Lapland region is famous for its reindeer and northern lights, Iceland’s snow-capped volcanoes offer a perfect setting for a spring-time visit, Canada’s enormous arctic is awe-inspiring and the Siberian wilderness will move you.



Nightless nights and day-less days. Lapland is no ordinary destination. The sun doesn’t set for a total of 70 days during the summer and in winter, this northern region of Finland doesn’t see the light for 50 days. There are more reindeer than people, it’s the home of the Santa Claus and if you ask anyone, there is no better place to experience the magical dancing Aurora Borealis light up the night sky.



Iceland is home to some of Europe’s prettiest glaciers. Pull your lopapeysa (that is, your Icelandic sweater) over your head and head for the north. April is the best time to visit, when the snow has melted in the south but the country’s northern mountains and volcanoes are still covered in the soft white powder. For something adventurous, why not venture down into one of Iceland’s volcanoes? This is the only place you can visit the magma chamber of a volcano in the world.

The Arctic


Canada’s great white north seems endless. Ice islands and glaciers, frozen lakes and even rivers stretch for thousands of miles to the North Pole. There is nothing like it and the views from this hot air balloon must be worth the trip. Nunavut, a northern province, is home to some very unique Inuit tribes whose culture and daily life still remain traditional. Hunt, fish, camp, hike, build an igloo, dogsled and keep your eyes peeled for belugas, muskox, caribou, polar bears and the legendary and mythical narwhal.

Flights to Nunavut



The capital of cold? Temperatures drop so low here that you stop counting the degrees. In winter it’s cold here, period. But there’s no better time of the year to visit this region of Russia. The Trans-Siberian Railway experience is not one you’ll soon forget, travelling like Russians for days on end through pine forests, across plains covered in snow, stopping at stations to buy dried fish and smokes cheeses for the journey.

“All aboard!” The Trans-Siberian heads to China

For winter getaways, what’s your favourite spot?

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