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World’s biggest swimming pool… this is the sort of thing you’d expect to come across in Dubai but while they may hold many “world’s biggest’s” they don’t have this one! Do you know where in the world this magnificent body of chlorinated turquoise water is located?

If you want to find yourself dipping into this XXL pool this summer, you’ll need to get yourself flights to Chile. That’s right! This summer oasis is on the other side of the world, just south of Santiago de Chile in San Alfonsio del Mar.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, this pool is not only the biggest in the world but also the deepest. It’s most than one kilometre in length (1, 013 metres exactly) and more than 35 metres deep. It takes 250 million litres of water to fill this thing! This isn’t a pool, it’s practically a small ocean!

The jab about chlorine at the begging wasn’t entirely true. In fact, the pool is filled with water from the ocean that is filtered and purified. Such a pool deserves a pretty incredible setting so it’s no surprise that you’ll find it just 100 metres from the Pacific Ocean, separated only by a sand bar. According the Wikipedia this pool cost more than 2 million US dollars and costs 4 million in maintenance fees every year. The cost of luxury!

Pool stats:

  • 1, 013 metres long
  • Filled with 250 million litres of salt water, taken from the ocean
  • Covers a surface of 20 acres
  • 26ºC, the water temperature in summer, around 9ºC warmer than the ocean

Isn’t it tempting?




Imgs: Quórum Comunicaciones, keepitsurreal / Flickr cc.

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