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Bucket lists really caught on after Rob Reiner’s film (starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson) came out, ever popularising the idea of creating a list of things to do before we all eventually “kick the bucket”. His list took him around the world… will your travel bucket list do the same?

The whole “100 things to do before you die” lists are a little morbid, while the bucket list does the same thing, it maybe sounds a little more inspiring than the former. Bucket lists are a great way to set out your travel must-sees and do goals, but how do you write it and what should be on it?

How to write a bucket list:

Bucket lists include some serious goal-making. The first things on your list should be things you’d like to do in the upcoming five years. If you’ve already got a trip planned, add it on there and also add what you’d like to accomplish on that trip.

Is a RTW (round the world) expedition in your plans?

You may also want to add finding a job with a higher pay scale to be able to afford that trip!

Catch a wave Down Under (img: cc)

The next part of the list should included things to do before you reach 40 (unless you’re already there). Skydive in New Zealand, bungee jump in Tibet’s Himalayan mountains, motorcycle across South America or scuba dive in Belize. Easy on the risky business though, you want to actually finish the list!

Other things like exploring new cultures, learning a new foreign language (or brushing up on ones you’ve already started learning), becoming an expert in spaghetti making in Rome, entering a salsa competition in Cuba, exploring Egypt by camel… trying new things is what it’s all about, at home or abroad.

You should get a little more creative than just writing, “Climb the Eiffel Tower” though, do something radical when you get to the top!

10 experiences that should be on every traveller’s list:

  • Set foot on every continent (all seven) although it might be a little hard to get to Antarctica… one you have though, you can really call yourself a globetrotter.
  • Cross a country by bicycle. It takes more planning than usual but you’ll discover the joys of travelling slow and getting in touch with the landscape rather than just seeing it from the train window. For notice cyclists, countries like Hungary, Estonia or the Netherlands are excellent choices.
  • Travel across India by train: colour, diversity and culture have never been more accessible. India has one of the most extensive rail networks in Asia, so take advantage of it!
  • Go to Oktoberfest and learn a traditional Bavarian song, drinking alongside 6 million other beer lovers in the process.
  • Climb a mountain. One of the world’s seven summits may not be for the average climber but there are smaller successes like Mount Fuji that are great for beginners.
Take the slow route... (img: cc)
  • Pull an all-nighter at Brazil’s famous Carnival. No night out on the town compares to the biggest party in a country know for its really big parties.
  • Catch a wave and learn to surf. Takes some practise and you don’t have to go big or go home, just go and catch any wave. Sydney is a great place to start.
  • Learn to cook another country’s national dish. Of course after cooking (perhaps for hours) there’s always a reward and that’s eating!
  • Spend 24 hours in the jungle alone. There is no better way to test your limits, or course some preparation is definitely needed.

Why plan though, just search for the cheapest flight on and pack your bags! What’s on your bucket list?

Img: vinothchandar / flickr cc

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