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Twitter-holics with a penchant for travel listen up! A hotel in Majorca is called itself the world’s first Twitter hotel, where guests can order room service and check-in using hashtags. Twitter-themed rooms and cocktails at the Tweet-tastic bar are also on offer. Let’s check it out!

Welcome to @SolWaveHouse

@SolWaveHouse is calling itself the world’s first Twitter hotel, a breath of fresh air for travellers who love to stay connected while on the road using Twitter. The hotel’s rooms are Twitter-themed in the social media platform’s signature blue and white colours. Guests are encouraged to check-in, order room service, find out about hotel events and cash-in on exclusive deals using the hotel’s hashtags. At the bar, the blue Twitter mojito seems to be the popular choice.


Upon check-in guests are given access to download the hotel app, only available using the hotel property’s Wi-Fi. Guest are able to tweet each other, share photos of their rooms and send greetings (and kisses) using the #SocialWave hashtag.

The hotel also employs two Twitter “Concierges” to greet guests. Travelling to Majorca in a group of four? Stay in one of the hotel’s #TwitterPartySuits and enjoy 20% off at the hotel bar, restaurant, VIP hammocks and minibars!

Hashtags to know when staying at Sol Wave House:

  • When your minibar needs restocking, tweet #FillMyFridge to the Twitter concierge.
  • Order food and drinks at the pool by tweeting @SolWaveHouse with your order.
  • Swing by on a Friday and attend the #TwitterPoolParty and get a free drink!

There’s no doubt about it, this is the party hotel for Twitter users who love to share, chat and flaunt their holiday online using Twitter, FB and Instagram. Who’ll be at the next #TwitterPoolParty?


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